Q&A: Persian cat gets aggressive when I try to groom? How can I et him used to it so he won’t get hairballs?

aggressive cat: Question by a6yfa6: Persian cat gets aggressive when I try to groom? How can I et him used to it so he won’t get hairballs?
I have 2 persian cats that are 6 months old, 1 loves to get groomed so much and the other hates it. When I try to comb/brush his hair he scratches and bites me. I’ve tried using a brush, a metal comb, but nothing that he likes. I tried doing it fast and slow, and even try when he is sleeping but he wakes up and starts to scratch me or run away. How can I get he used to grooming? I just want to keep him clean and avoid hairballs, but I’m already scared to touch him with a brush

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Answer by Laurie
Some cats never get used to it, so put on a glove when grooming the fiesty one. As hard as it is, he does need to be groomed. You may also consider getting him a sanitary cut for his rear end because if he is this upset over grooming that area will really get him mad.

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  1. cat lover April 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    Persian cats are high maintenance cats, and need regular combing. But at six months, they are still very much kittens, and a comb or brush is a toy to them. You are lucky that one accepts it.

    For the resistant one, you might try only a few seconds at a time, until he starts to accept it. If you are using a pin brush, I would go in with the prong side first. It usually helps with short sessions, but often repeated. When he starts to accept the combing, then a combing that goes from the head to the tail mimics how his mother would have groomed him.

    And if he scratches, say NO and give a short hiss. A hiss is how his mother would have trained him. You are letting him know scratching it not permitted.

  2. Tweety April 26, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    I used to have a long hair cat who bit me when I groomed him. I accidentally pulled his hair as I groomed him so he was sensitive to being brushed later on. I got him to stop hurting me by taking a dry folding it in half twice and holding it like a brush. I petted him for awhile then petted him with the cloth. When he was used to that I used the brush backward on him. Test the waters every once in a while and brush him in soft short strokes. It will take a bit but he should start to let you groom him.

  3. Ocimom April 26, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    You may need 2 people – one to hold him one to comb him. Persians (and any longhair cat) should be taught to accept grooming daily as a young kitten.

    You need to be firm about things. put him on a table and take charge – scruff him if needed and comb him a little at a time. If you don’t you are looking at taking him to the groomer every 2-3 weeks and have them do it. This will cause a lot more stress.

  4. Adopt an adult shelter cat! April 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    You should NEVER be using a brush on him! Brushes do very little to get down to the loose hairs of the undercoat and pull out and break the silky topcoat hairs. You need to use a good quality steel-toothed comb. And you should comb SLOWLY never fast. What are you thinking? You also should be combing the coat at least every other day ALL YEAR LONG which is something you should have researched before a Persian – much less two.

    Sounds like the coat is already matted if the cat is aggressive about grooming. If so take them to a vet and have the mats clipped out and keep up with the COMBING so this doesn’t happen again. That or you’re just being far too rough. Be GENTLE and award your kitties with a bit of chicken baby food or a favourite treat after grooming so they learn it’s a GOOD thing. My Persian will happily sit in my lap and purr while he’s being combed.

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